Provincial Achievement Tests/Diploma Exam dates

Provincial Achievement Tests/Diploma Exam dates

Students in Grade 6 and 9 will be writing Provincial Achievement Tests in May and June. Diploma exams for Grade 12 students in 30-1 and 30-2 courses will be written in June. Dates of tests are listed below, as well as on our “Upcoming Events” page.

June 11th:             9:00am Grade 6 LA Part B

June 12th:             9:00am Diploma ELA Part A

                                9:00am Grade 6 Math

June 13th:             9:00am Diploma Social Studies Part A

June 14th:             9:00am Grade 6 Science

                                9:00am Grade 9 Science

June 17th              9:00am Grade 9 LA Part B

June 18th              9:00am Grade 6 Social Studies

                                9:00am Grade 9 Social Studies

June 19th              9:00am Grade 9 Math

June 20th              9:00am Diploma ELA part B

June 24th              9:00am Diploma Social Studies part B

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