PAC: Corks & Kegs

Families and Friends of New Heights School,

New Heights PAC is excited to present Corks & Kegs – a reverse raffle fundraiser to benefit New Heights School!

To take part in this awesome event you’ll need to drop off one bottle of wine, or a 6-pack of craft beer before Friday March 2nd, along with $10.00 fee, per entry. The wine/beer can be your favorite (anything but home brew please) and should be valued around $15.00 – $20.00.

Wine Survivor is a reverse draw – the last four standing win the beverages!

Ø 3rd and 4th  last tickets will each receive 10% of the wine and beer,

Ø 2nd  last ticket will receive 30% of the wine and beer,

Ø Final remaining ticket will receive 50% of the wine and beer!

To make your purchases, please email us with your purchase request and use e-transfer with the following details:

1)  To register & buy tickets please send an email to [email protected].

Please include:

ü your full name,

ü your phone number,

ü how many tickets you wish to buy, and if we are purchasing your liquor for you

ü a grand total of the e-transfer to follow ($10×2 for tickets, plus $15×2 for liquor for a grand total of $50). 

2)     Then, please send an e-transfer to the same email: [email protected] (using the password: survivor) for the grand total amount you stated, and in the e-transfer notes please reiterate your grand total details (Example, two entries: $10×2 for tickets, plus $15×2 for liquor for a grand total of $50). 

Ø For immunity and buy backs, please follow the same process.

For more information on this event, check out the attached file with all of the registration and play details!

Corks & Kegs

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