Music for the Mind

On Thursday, October 18th, a program called Music for the Mind came to the school. They taught kids in the junior high and high school programs how to use pad instruments to create music. The activity that they hosted was called Music Sampler Cafe. One of the guys is going in a music contest to represent Canada!

First of all, they told the kids about their music passion and told them they hoped this would spark a passion for music for some kids. They brought everyone up and taught them the basics of the pad instruments and showed them how to use them. They split the kids up into groups and made music together.

At first, it was a bunch of craziness (and some funny sounds, like the goose honk). I’m pretty sure a lot of people could hear them from a different part of the school! Each student got a turn with the machines and played around with them.

There were a lot of funny parts, where everyone played around with their voice on one of the machines. All the kids wanted to use that machine after that!

At the end, the teachers got a try (and had help) and made music as well. And, they told the students about how they didn’t have to get a super expensive pad for this, if they had taken interest in them. You can get them on your iPad for only 20 or 30 dollars, or if you have an Apple device, you can just use Garage Band, which is free! Some artists have actually made whole songs on Garage Band.

Thank you Music for the Mind for bringing this program to New Heights, it was a good experience for all the students (and teachers) that went to it! It was really fun, and I hope you do it again someday! 

Mia, student in Cascade Mountain classroom

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