Halloween at New Heights

At New Heights, many of our students love Halloween!  On Tuesday, October 31st, students are welcome and encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes if they would like to.  As we have students who are age 3 to 20 years old in the building, please be considerate of the age range and do not send costume props that appear violent or gory.  For further questions or clarification on classroom Halloween activities and guidelines, please contact your classroom teaching team.

As part of the afternoon, the classes will be partnering up to take part in a whole school STEM activity building marbleworks creations.  Whole school activities are a great opportunity for the New Heights school community to come together, get to know each other more, and celebrate. 

The school is currently gathering supplies for the marbleworks creations.  If you have spare papertowel rolls and toilet paper rolls, we are collecting them!  Feel free to send them in with your son/daughter this week or next.

To ensure an optimal learning environment, please keep Halloween candy at home next week.

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