Halloween at New Heights : A Student Perspective

The Halloween party was good in many ways; I will list some things that we did, and list some highlights from this seasonal party.

Part 1

In part one we would dress up into our outfits, there were some honorable mentions for my taste, you may have different opinions but first we will list out the costume themes the teachers had.

Mt. Turtle teachers were Pete the cat.

 Mt. Kidd teachers were Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

Mt. Rundle and Copper Mountain were Super Mario characters.

Cascade and Tower Mountain were food.

The high school teachers dressed up as each other. For example: Mr. McCulloch dressed as Mrs. Anderson and vice versa.

 The therapy team dressed up as the Inside Out emotions.

The admin team were Hockey teams.

And now for some of my personal favourites.

There was a Bob-Omb which was expertly made, there was a samurai, there was a plague doctor I like plague doctors, there was a knight riding a dinosaur, there was a kid who was a rock star, there was sans and papyrus, and there were many others that I liked, but if I was to list them all it would go on forever!

Part 2

There was a catwalk where all who dressed up got to walk down and show their costumes. Each classroom chose music that played when they walked down… I can personally say that it’s kind of confusing when you are walking down so best to pay attention. But back on the topic of music… There were many songs! Some were Halloween themed (Thriller, Spooky scary skeletons, This is Halloween) and some were themed with the outfits for the teachers, and some just were good songs!

Part 3

After all that was done the students and teachers went down to their classrooms for Halloween fun! I don’t know if everyone did it but I got insider info that Copper Mountain did some certain things with some water, highlighter fluid, and black lights. But im pretty sure everyone took a picture of their classes costumes. And that was all that happened on that day relating to Halloween, it was small but it was good.

By Griffin.W ~ student in Copper Mountain class


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