Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu Season

We are looking for your assistance in taking simple steps to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all at New Heights.  If your son or daughter displays flu like symptoms such as elevated temperature, cold symptoms (sore throat, cough, headache), vomiting &/or diarrhea, and/or general tiredness and lethargy above the ordinary, he/she should remain at home and limit contact with others.  Students who are ill should stay home until they are well enough to resume their regular activities.  If a student is feeling unwell and he/she has a high temperature while they are at school, parents will be contacted and asked to take their child home until they are well.

The school will continue to ensure that the classrooms and surrounding environments are cleaned regularly. The students are being reminded to wash their hands with soap frequently, to cover their mouth when they cough, and to discard used tissues. Please practice and encourage these actions at home as well.

We appreciate your help in keeping our students, families, and staff safe and healthy.

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