It’s Bike Riding Season

Spring is my favourite time of year at New Heights because I have the privilege of being a part of teaching some of the students here to master riding a bike. I love the looks of surprise and joy on the faces of the students when they get it for the first time. Sharing the photos and videos with their families is one of the best parts of my job!

Learning to ride a bike is a source of pride for every student that I have taught. If your student does not yet ride a bike, please consider signing them up next spring. You are never to old to learn to ride! My approach is slow and the focus is on building confidence in the students. We start by taking the pedals off and turning our big bikes into strider style bikes. Once the students are confident in their ability to balance and lift their feet, we add the pedals and work on coordinating the feet! I don’t guarantee no-scraped knees, but I do take it slow enough that we haven’t had any yet!

Once your child learns how to ride please don’t stop! Take them out over the summer to solidify the skill and build confidence. Calgary has many bike paths, and the parade square at New Heights is also a great place to come and practice. Ride the City is website or app that allows you to map out the safest route to take in Calgary from point A to point B. The City of Calgary also has an app of pathways in the city.

Get out there and enjoy the freedom of being on your bike! And keep in mind that I am always willing to teach adults too.


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